Ali Reader
So its been a couple of weeks since the nationals. The event was outstanding, well run and had an excellent turn out. Riders of all abilities took part from all around the country in intermediate and an advanced category. 

I won the first heat of the advanced and was happy with my riding, its been a long winter with very few sessions. I opened with switch raley to blind, blind judge. The wind was strong and fairly clean and few loops and sketchy blind judge 3 saw me through. 

It was good to see people pushing themselves during the competition and there are many riders destined for great things in the future. The atmosphere was relaxed but competitive, with everyone getting behind the guys and girls on the water. Boots were there order of the day for a few riders, Zac Andrews (Southampton) stomping some clean cable styled roll to reverts and Gem Brill in pursuit of the powered raley.

I made it through to the final after a sketchy 2nd in my first semi. The wind became lighter and lulls meant that your heat was a bit hit or miss on the wind. Never the less 4 of us hit the water for the advanced final. I got in a couple of clean tricks before the wind dropped, all the riders were struggling to stay up wind. The last minute I caught a glimpse of Rich dropping out of a slim and knew I needed something. I managed to find wind close to the beach and stuck a clean back to blind, but knew it probably wasn't enough. 

Once the competition was over it was time to hit Soton Union for the after party. Beer, banter and ExPix slide show of the days events proved a worthy start to the evening. In true student style there were results for everything, best wipe out , brand whore taken by James Boulding (Liquid Force) for his continual pimping on the mic throughout the day. Then for the Final results Rich Burton (Edinburgh) took first myself in 2nd with Ben Gillespie 3rd and Zac Andrews 4th.

Big thanks go to Alex and Ali from the Southampton Kitesurf Club. Looking forward to next years event and the possibility of more..... watch this space.


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